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Why IVF Cycle Monitoring Matters

Why IVF cycle monitoring matters and is such an important part of becoming pregnant

Why IVF cycle monitoring matters and is such an important part of becoming pregnantPatients at our Tennessee fertility center receive high-quality IVF cycle monitoring when undergoing in vitro fertilization. This monitoring is important because it allows fertility specialists to assess how a woman’s body is responding to the medications and determine when she’s ready for the egg retrieval. Many women come to our clinic for monitoring every day or every other day during an IVF cycle. This monitoring involves bloodwork and ultrasounds.

Why IVF cycle monitoring matters

Women regularly come to our clinic for bloodwork and ultrasounds during an IVF cycle, but the appointments typically take very little time. Our team communicates clearly to ensure the woman understands when and where to receive monitoring and why we utilize it.

Confirmation that she’s ready to begin medications. Before the IVF cycle begins, the woman receives a blood test and ultrasound to confirm she is not pregnant, has low estrogen levels and a thin uterine lining. This monitoring can also help identify whether the woman has ovarian cysts or other conditions that could affect IVF.

Assessment of hormones. IVF cycle monitoring includes bloodwork that allows the doctor to assess the hormones that regulate functions in the body like the development of eggs and ovulation.

Evaluation of the number and size of the eggs. Ultrasounds let the doctor evaluate the number of eggs that are maturing and measure their size.

Communication with staff. IVF cycle monitoring also allows the team at our Tennessee fertility center to ensure that the patient has enough medication and understands how to take it.

After each monitoring appointment, we discuss the findings of the bloodwork and ultrasounds. We also let the patient know if she needs to adjust her fertility medications.

What happens if a woman can’t come to our clinic for monitoring?

When a patient does not live near our clinic, we can sometimes organize monitoring at a closer clinic. In this case, our staff communicates with the monitoring clinic to ensure they perform the proper bloodwork and ultrasounds and promptly send the results to our team. We can also provide IVF monitoring for a patient receiving their primary fertility care at another clinic.

Patients at our Tennessee fertility center receive stellar care that helps ensure they have a positive experience during their IVF cycle. Contact us for more information about bloodwork and ultrasounds during an IVF cycle.


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