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Why Women Become Egg Donors

Discover the numerous reasons why women become egg donors

Discover the numerous reasons why women become egg donorsThe egg donation specialists at our Tennessee fertility center have found that there are many amazing reasons why women become egg donors. These reasons include health and fertility insights, genetic testing, compensation and the joy of altruism. Because of these meaningful benefits, egg donation can be a wonderful experience.

Why women become egg donors

When most women begin researching what it’s like to be an egg donor at our Tennessee fertility center, they don’t realize how many benefits this experience provides. From getting an in-depth insight into your genetic health, to helping someone else have a child, egg donation is full of exciting advantages.

Comprehensive health evaluation. A major benefit of egg donation is receiving a thorough assessment of your overall health through bloodwork, an ultrasound and a Pap smear.

Discover your fertility health. The health screening you’ll receive as a donor includes an analysis of your hormone levels and ovarian reserve, or egg supply. This information can inform your family planning.

Genetic screening. When considering the question of why women become egg donors, a major part of the answer is the genetic testing donors receive. This evaluation provides information about a woman’s genetic makeup and whether she carries any inheritable genetic conditions.

Helping those in need become parents. One of the most amazing aspects of being a donor is the joy of supporting women and men who need help having a child. You can help them take the next step toward starting or growing their family.

Compensation. Donors receive compensation for their time and commitment. This compensation can create incredible new possibilities in life.

This range of benefits is available to all women who meet our egg donor qualifications and complete an egg donation cycle.

The next steps if you want to become an egg donor

The first step of becoming an egg donor is ensuring you meet our qualifications.

  • Between the ages of 21 and 28
  • Normal BMI
  • Healthy personal and family medical history
  • Committed and reliable
  • Healthy lifestyle

After confirming that you meet these qualifications, you can fill out our short and simple application. From there, one of our egg donor coordinators will contact you about the next steps, which include the completion of a profile. This profile requires information about your family, medical and educational background, in addition to childhood and current photos.

Following the completion of your profile, we’ll add you to our donor database. Once a hopeful parent selects you, you’ll begin an egg donation cycle.

The friendly staff at our Tennessee fertility center is here to support you as you decide whether becoming an egg donor is the right choice for you. Contact us for more information about why women become egg donors.


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