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IVF Class

The Nashville Fertility IVF Class


Once prerequisite testing has been completed, you may schedule IVF class as you would any appointment. This is a group class with up to 6 couples attending.  Classes are held on Wednesdays at 9 am, and the process usually ends around 12:30 but may take more or less time depending on individual circumstances.


IVF class begins with a power point presentation by an IVF nurse that covers in detail the processes and procedures used in IVF.  Subcutaneous injection technique is discussed in detail.  Then there is a short presentation on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. The financial counselor will then address the class as a whole or individually as needed regarding financial aspects of IVF. One of our notaries will be available to notarize your consent forms.

One On One Meeting with an IVF Nurse

Finally, each couple meets individually with their IVF nurse to discuss their specific plan, questions, test results, turn in IVF consents and cover any remaining issues before the cycle starts. Timing for your cycle will be discussed in detail at that private meeting.

Ready for IVF!

We hope after attending class that you will feel empowered and better prepared for your IVF cycle. IVF is a complicated process and a lot of detailed information is covered which can feel overwhelming. Please remember that your IVF nurse will provide you with essential information in writing each step of the way.

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