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You can earn money and change lives when you become an egg donor

When you become an egg donor, you can earn money for helping our patients become parents. Women and men often come to our Tennessee fertility centers because they need donor eggs to have a baby. Many have tried to get pregnant for years without luck. You can help these patients by donating your eggs through our partner egg donation agency, Ovation® Fertility.

What are the benefits of becoming an egg donor?

When you donate your eggs through Ovation, you can receive care at our Tennessee fertility center during the process. Our doctors received extra training and education, so they are OB/GYNs and fertility doctors. This means you’ll be in good hands when you become an egg donor.

There are other benefits of egg donation

Free medical and fertility screening. All egg donors receive free genetic, fertility and medical screening. This information can help you plan when you want to start a family.

Generous compensation. After your egg retrieval, Ovation will mail a check that ranges from $5,000 to $7,000 to reward you for your time and commitment.

Helping others. You can feel good after you donate your eggs because you’ll help patients have the baby they’ve always wanted.

No impact on your future fertility. Donating your eggs does not affect your fertility or egg supply, so you can donate with no worries.

Who can become an egg donor?

There are several egg donor requirements to keep you safe and ensure that fertility patients receive the highest quality eggs. Here are two of the egg donor qualifications.

  • Be age 21 to 27. Younger eggs are more likely to be healthy
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 26. Women in this range have more successful and safer donor cycles.

Who do donor eggs help?

Women and men who visit our Tennessee fertility center may need donor eggs for many reasons.

Age-related infertility. Some women and couples need eggs from a younger donor to have a baby.
Cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation can damage a woman’s fertility, so she may need donor eggs to conceive.
Gay couples. Same-sex male couples will need donor eggs and a surrogate to have a child who shares DNA from one of the fathers.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor

We are so grateful that you are considering egg donation. When you become an egg donor, you can change the lives of patients in Nashville and around the country.


Meet Caitlyn. She fought cancer and needed an egg donor to have her family.

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