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Considerations for Embryo Donation

What are important considerations for embryo donation?

What are important considerations for embryo donation?Patients who visit our Tennessee fertility center can fulfill the dream of parenthood through embryo donation or help others do so. After having children, many patients still have healthy frozen embryos. In some cases, these people choose to donate their embryos. This option is beneficial for all involved. It prevents people from having to continue payments for embryo storage, while those receiving the embryos gain the chance to start a family.

Important factors to consider when deciding to donate embryos

When an individual or couple decides their family is complete, they have a big decision to make. They must decide if they want to continue storing the embryos, have them destroyed or donate them. There are many benefits to choosing to donate embryos.

Save money. Considerations for embryo donation include cost savings. Choosing to donate embryos can save those with frozen embryos hundreds of dollars annually, as they’ll no longer need to pay the frozen storage fees.

Ensure the use of the embryos. As many people struggle with the idea of having embryos destroyed, donating embryos can be a great option. People can rest assured that their donated embryos will be put to good use and help another family have a baby.

Our Tennessee fertility center can help patients decide if embryo donation is the right choice for their needs. If they decide to move forward, we take over the responsibility of storing the embryos and include them in our donor embryo database.

Considerations for embryo donation we recommend patients review

When deciding whether using donor embryos is the right path to growing their family, patients have various factors to consider. These factors help patients make an informed decision about this family-building option.

Uterine health. An important embryo donation consideration is the health of the woman’s uterus. If issues with a woman’s uterus are likely one of the causes of her fertility challenges, donated embryos might not result in pregnancy.

Pregnancy experience. Some people choose embryo donation over adoption because embryo donation can provide the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Lower costs. Often, the cost of using donor embryos is lower than the cost of adoption, egg donation and fertility treatments such as IVF. While patients will cover costs related to the preparation and transfer of the embryo, these costs are minimal compared to other treatments.

Embryo disease screening. Patients can rest assured they’re receiving healthy embryos, as embryo donors provide a detailed medical history and complete testing for infectious diseases. In addition, some embryos include reports from preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

Expediency. Because of the immediate availability of donor embryos, they often allow for a faster path to pregnancy.

The donor embryo coordinator at our Tennessee fertility center can discuss these considerations for embryo donation with patients. Contact us to learn more.


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