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How to Find Infertility Support Groups

Discover the benefits of infertility support groups and learn how to find the right one

Discover the benefits of infertility support groups and learn how to find the right oneThe patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic often find infertility support groups helpful. Support groups for infertility connect patients with those in a similar situation and remind them that they’re not the only person struggling to get or stay pregnant. This community can help people feel less alone on the journey to have a baby and give them a safe space to share their feelings.

How infertility support groups can help

Support groups for infertility can help women and men in a variety of ways. This support can significantly lessen the emotional burden of fertility challenges.

Receive emotional validation. Connecting with members of a support group can help you realize how normal your emotional response to infertility is. These groups can also serve as emotional outlets.

Hear other stories. The isolation of infertility can dissolve when you hear the stories of others going through similar struggles. It can also be cathartic to share your story.

Build a new community. When friends and family members aren’t struggling with infertility, it can be difficult for them to sympathize with what you’re going through. Infertility support groups are a great place to build a new, supportive community that really understands the unique challenges of infertility.

Gather helpful information. Support groups for infertility can be a gold mine of information. You can gather information about fertility specialists, treatments, stress relief strategies and other information that can support you on the path to parenthood.

Our Tennessee fertility clinic can help connect you with support groups in your area.

Finding the best support group for you

Start the search for support groups for infertility by asking for recommendations from our Tennessee fertility clinic and those you know who are also navigating infertility. You can also search online or on social media for groups that meet remotely.

Once you find some groups you want to try, there are various ways you can determine if the group is right for you and receive the maximum benefit from your time there.

Sit in on a few meetings. Many infertility support groups allow you to try one or two meetings to see if you resonate with the group. If you don’t, move on to the next. Keep going until you’ve found a community that makes you feel safe and supported.

Engage with the group. Once you find a group you enjoy, engage as much as possible. While it can be tempting to sit on the side lines, true support often comes when you share your story and make one-on-one connections.

Be consistent. Consistently attending support group meetings is one of the best ways to fully benefit from this type of support.

In addition to utilizing a support group, we recommend seeking the assistance of a fertility specialist at our clinic. This specialist can recommend comprehensive fertility tests and effective treatments that can help you take the next step towards parenthood. Contact us for more information about support groups for infertility.


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