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Let’s Celebrate World Embryologist Day

On World Embryologist Day, learn about an embryologist’s role in the fertility lab

On World Embryologist Day, learn about an embryologist’s role in the fertility labOur Tennessee fertility clinic is using World Embryologist Day as an opportunity to share the many ways embryologists help patients build a healthy family. Embryologists are the experts who work with eggs and embryos in the lab. They assist with important procedures, such as fertilization, genetic testing and cryopreservation. The embryologists are an invaluable component of the support we provide to patients.

Discover an embryologist’s role on World Embryologist Day

Embryologists are highly skilled specialists who work in the fertility lab to make parenthood possible. An embryologist’s role consists of tasks, such as identifying and fertilizing eggs and performing biopsies on embryos.

  • After the egg retrieval, the embryologist fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the patient’s partner or sperm donor.
  • To support the fertilized eggs in developing into embryos, the embryologist places them in an incubator and monitors their development.
  • When a patient selects preimplantation genetic testing, the embryologist performs a biopsy on the embryos. This biopsy allows geneticists to then determine the chromosomal health of the embryos.
  • An embryologist’s role also involves the preparation of an embryo for a doctor to transfer into the uterus of a female patient or a gestational surrogate. This preparation consists of the embryologist placing the embryo in a catheter.
  • The embryologist uses the vitrification technique to flash freeze eggs and embryos.

With the support of expert embryologists, many of the patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic fulfill the dream of parenthood. As such, on World Embryologist Day we want to say thank you to embryologists for the amazing services they provide.

Learn more about the other specialists in the fertility lab

In addition to embryologists, andrologists and geneticists play important roles in the fertility laboratory. Like embryologists, these specialists also receive extensive education and training.

Andrologist. An andrologist specializes in male reproductive health. This person is responsible for semen analysis, advanced sperm testing, sperm freezing and sperm storage.

Geneticist. After the embryologist performs an embryo biopsy for PGT, the geneticist analyzes the results to determine which embryos are healthy. Geneticists increase the chance that doctors only transfer chromosomally healthy embryos.

Our Tennessee fertility clinic only works with highly qualified embryologists, andrologists and geneticists. Contact us to learn more about World Embryologist Day and an embryologist’s role.


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