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Resolve to Overcome Infertility – Making Fertility Resolutions

Resolve to overcome infertility with these fertility resolutions for the New Year

Resolve to overcome infertility with these fertility resolutions for the New YearAs we come to the end of the year, the staff at our Tennessee fertility clinic is thinking about fertility resolutions that could help you kick off the New Year with hope. While fertility issues can be incredibly disheartening, there are actions that can infuse the journey to parenthood with renewed vitality.

Our top fertility resolutions

While hopeful parents often feel like they’re doing everything they can to conceive, it sometimes takes a fresh perspective to reveal actions that could increase their chances of becoming parents.

  • Seek a second opinion. Sometimes, being evaluated by a new fertility specialist can expose a diagnosis or plan of action your previous care provider hadn’t seen. Our Tennessee fertility clinic specialists provide comprehensive consultations.
  • Consider new treatment options. If there are treatment options you haven’t tried, it could be wise to broaden the scope of fertility treatments you’re willing to explore. For example, one of the most positive resolutions you could make might be considering donor eggs or sperm, or gestational surrogacy.
  • Practice healthy eating and exercise habits. While you’re probably already eating well and getting regular exercise, you can do additional research into foods and forms of exercise that could improve your health and fertility.
  • Utilize stress-relieving tools. As stress can affect fertility, incorporating practices like meditation, yoga and deep breathing into your daily routines could increase your chances of building your family.
  • Distract yourself. Because thoughts of pregnancy can be all-consuming, it can be beneficial to distract yourself with a new hobby. Fertility resolutions like taking an art class, joining a running group, writing that novel or doing anything else that piques your interest could help you experience more joy as you follow the path to parenthood.

While you might feel frustrated that you’re ending the year without a baby in your arms, making fertility resolutions could fill you with optimism for what’s to come.

We’re here to help

We’re dedicated to helping you receive the right infertility diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that gives you the best possible chance of conceiving. The team at our Tennessee fertility clinic is rooting for you, and hoping this next year brings the birth of your healthy baby. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.


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