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Fertility Appointment Questions

How long will my first visit last?

A new patient visit lasts between 45 minutes and one to two hours, depending on individual circumstances and needs.
Should my spouse/partner come to the first visit?
We ask that both you and your partner attend the first visit, since we treat you as a couple. This enables our physicians to have all the necessary information and avoid any delays. Before any testing can be performed on patients, a medical history for the couple must be taken.

Do I need to reschedule if my partner can’t come to the first visit?

We strongly encourage both you and your partner to attend the first visit, but realize that coordinating schedules can be difficult. If you partner cannot attend the first appointment, you would not necessarily have to reschedule. Your partner will need to attend one of your appointments at a later date and prior to beginning any testing or treatment procedures.

Are any tests performed on my partner or me at the first visit?

We understand that time is of the essence for most of our patients, but that the urgency to proceed varies from patient to patient. Most of our patients just have a transvaginal ultrasound performed at their first visit. Blood work may be drawn based on the individual patients cycle day and history. Additional tests such as semen analysis and further blood work are performed on a case by case basis. You may accept or decline any tests at any time. The recommended plan of action will be discussed in detail with you at your first visit, and you may proceed as you choose.

My primary OB/GYN has already performed several tests. Do I have to repeat them at Nashville Fertility Center?

If you have already initiated fertility testing with your ob/gyn, we ask that you have these medical records forwarded to our office. Your Nashville Fertility Center physician can determine if any additional testing is needed prior to the development of your treatment plan.

How will I know if my insurance will cover my first visit?

We routinely verify insurance coverage and are happy to discuss this with you before your visit.

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