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NIAW 2023

NIAW 2023 empowers women and men to receive quality care when building a family

NIAW 2023 empowers women and men to receive quality care when building a familyTo support the mission of NIAW 2023, or National Infertility Awareness Week, our fertility clinic in Nashville wants to help those struggling to conceive learn how to seek professional support. We also want to help women and men discover the many ways National Infertility Awareness Week can help them connect with the family building community and advocate for legislation affecting fertility rights.

There are many ways to participate in NIAW 2023

During National Infertility Awareness Week, a number of events provide the opportunity to be part of a compassionate and involved community. These events also inspire a desire to become an advocate for laws that affect the family building community in positive ways.

Walks of Hope. Throughout the United States, members of the family building community host Walks of Hope that allow those navigating fertility issues to come together. These walks are a reminder that no one is alone on their path to parenthood, and that each step can be filled with hope. The NIAW website also provides a guide on how to host your own Walk of Hope.

Virtual Federal Advocacy Day. RESOLVE, the founding organization of NIAW, in partnership with ASRM, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, is hosting a virtual event to educate members of the family building community in how to advocate for legislation that can have a positive impact on this special community.

In addition to taking part in one of the Walks of Hope and attending Virtual Federal Advocacy Day, NIAW 2023 is an ideal time to schedule a consultation at our fertility clinic in Nashville. This consultation can be the first step in discovering how you can fulfill the dream of parenthood with the support of ART, or assisted reproductive technology.

Learning about fertility testing is an important aspect of National Infertility Awareness Week

Many people who have trouble conceiving wait too long before seeking the support of a fertility specialist.

Our clinic recommends following the ASRM guidelines, which recommend that healthy women under the age of 35, with no known reproductive health issues, see a fertility doctor if they’ve been trying to become pregnant for more than 12 months. ASRM also advises women 35 or older to see a fertility doctor if they’ve been trying to conceive for six or more months.

One of the first steps of receiving care from a fertility doctor involves a series of tests that can reveal the cause of a woman’s or couple’s fertility challenges.

Bloodwork. A blood test provides valuable information about a patient’s ovarian reserve and reproductive hormones.

Ultrasound. A transvaginal ultrasound allows a doctor to determine how many egg follicles a woman has, and if she has any uterine abnormalities.

Genetic carrier testing. Genetic testing of both partners reveals if a patient or couple have any inheritable genetic conditions that could affect the health of their future children.

Semen analysis. Male patients receive a sperm test to evaluate their sperm count; sperm motility, or movement; and sperm morphology, or shape.

After testing, the doctor can help the patient create an effective treatment plan.

Our fertility clinic in Nashville urges those who suspect they might have fertility issues to engage in NIAW 2023 and use it as inspiration to seek quality fertility care.

Contact us for more information about getting involved in the family building community.


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