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Professions Associated with Male Infertility

Learn more about professions associated with male infertility

Learn more about professions associated with male infertilityOur Nashville fertility specialists can help hopeful parents understand the professions associated with male infertility, and what men can do to minimize their risk. Being aware of the fertility health factors linked to certain professions is an important component of giving hopeful parents the best possible chance of developing a healthy pregnancy.

Professions associated with male infertility

Hazards in the workplace, such as chemicals, physical strain and stress, can negatively affect male fertility and certain professions create higher risks.

  • Welders. The intense heat and toxic gases can affect male fertility.
  • Painters. Chemical solvents in water-based paint can decrease sperm quality.
  • Construction workers. Potentially harmful physical, chemical and psychological factors in the construction profession can impact sperm health.
  • Drivers. Taxi drivers and truck drivers are included in professions associated with male infertility as the vibration, exposure to heat and sedentary nature of these jobs can affect sperm morphology.
  • Athletes and personal trainers. It’s been found that long distance running can reduce testosterone levels and affect sperm production.

The Nashville fertility specialists at our clinic can help you develop a greater understanding of the professions associated with male infertility.

How to counteract the risks

Men working in professions associated with male infertility are not powerless. There are many strategies for minimizing the potentially negative health-related impacts of these professions.

  • Ask for help. If your company has a safety officer, ask them about the specific hazards that may be associated with your duties and request guidance on the best practices for maintaining your safety.
  • Utilize safety gear. Always utilize recommended safety gear and ensure you are wearing it properly
  • Be safe around chemicals. For jobs that involve chemicals, avoid skin contact as much as possible and be vigilant about hand washing.
  • Knowledge is power. Talk to one of our Nashville fertility specialists about your profession, and any concerns you may have so that they can make recommendations for minimizing your exposure to risk while on the job.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can diminish the impact of professions associated with male infertility.
  • Decrease stress. Practice stress management techniques.

Being proactive about your fertility is an important first step for men hoping to become fathers. Our fertility specialists can offer additional guidance and support on your journey to parenthood.

Contact us to learn more about professions associated with male infertility.


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