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Take time now to learn about your fertility and plan for the future

Take time now to learn about your fertility and plan for the futureOur Tennessee fertility clinic encourages you to learn about your fertility. This knowledge can help you determine how and when to build a family. It’s important to seek this information before you experience fertility issues. This is because it often allows you to get ahead of certain challenges and consider factors that can simplify your path to parenthood.

It’s vital for women under the age of 35 who have been trying to conceive for 12 or more months to learn more about their fertility. Fertility testing is also important for women over age 35 who have been trying to become pregnant for six or more months.

We provide proactive fertility testing to help you learn about your fertility

When you decide to learn more about your reproductive health, a doctor at our Tennessee fertility clinic will first review your medical history. Next, they will recommend various fertility evaluations. We provide this proactive fertility testing for both women and men.

Transvaginal ultrasound. Doctors use ultrasounds to assess the shape and size of a woman’s uterus. Additionally, it can provide information about a patient’s uterine lining and determine if she has any uterine abnormalities. Through ultrasound, the doctor can also analyze the health of the woman’s ovaries and determine her antral follicle count.

Blood test. Bloodwork provides valuable information about a woman’s ovarian reserve and reproductive hormone levels. This testing can also offer insight into hormones that affect male fertility.

Hysterosalpingogram, HSG. Some women require this radiology procedure. An HSG can discover blockages in a woman’s fallopian tubes and uterine issues that could prevent embryo implantation.

Preconception genetic testing. Genetic testing reveals if a patient is a carrier for any inheritable genetic conditions. If a patient or their partner carries certain conditions, they might use donor eggs or sperm, or undergo IVF with genetic testing.

Semen analysis. Doctors utilize a semen analysis to evaluate a man’s sperm count, motility and morphology.

When you decide to learn about your fertility, our clinic can help you determine the proactive fertility testing that’s best for your unique needs.

We can guide you through the next steps when you’re ready to have a baby

If proactive fertility testing reveals certain issues, our Tennessee fertility clinic can help. In certain situations, sperm or egg freezing might be an ideal option. These patients can then use their frozen sperm or eggs during fertility treatments such as IUI or IVF when they’re ready to start a family.

The doctors at our clinic walk patients through all their potential options, helping them determine what will give them the best chance of building a healthy family. Our clinic also provides comprehensive information about treatment costs and success rates. This allows women and men to make informed decisions for their financial and family-planning needs.

If you’re wondering if you’ll face challenges when you decide to become pregnant, we highly recommend scheduling a consult with our clinic to learn about your fertility. This consult and testing can provide peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about proactive fertility testing.


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