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Learn how fertility care for the military can help you build your family

Learn how fertility care for the military can help you build your familyIf you or your spouse serve or have served in the armed forces, the specialists at our Tennessee fertility center can help you build your family through fertility care for the military, which often comes at a discounted rate. We proudly help patients who are hoping to preserve their fertility, or become parents now, overcome any obstacles in their way.

We offer many types of fertility care for the military

While those in the military can certainly experience the typical conditions that lead to infertility, they might also sustain combat injuries that affect their ability to conceive. Our fertility treatments and tests can meet these unique needs.

Diagnostic testing. This is one of the most-common types of fertility care that insurance providers like TRICARE cover. Testing allows our doctors to help patients discover the current state of their fertility, which can inform their family planning.

Egg freezing. Egg freezing can be a helpful option for women in the military who would like to have children in the future but worry about sustaining injuries that could affect their reproductive system. This option allows these women to preserve their eggs.

Embryo freezing. This type of fertility care for the military allows couples who know they want to have children together in the future to preserve their embryos for later use. After a doctor retrieves the woman’s eggs, an embryologist fertilizes them with the man’s sperm. Our team then freezes the resulting embryos.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI). Those in the military who are ready to become pregnant now, can benefit from IUI. This treatment involves a doctor using a catheter to insert sperm from the woman’s partner, or a donor, into her uterus.

When patients need more comprehensive support, the specialists at our Tennessee fertility center often recommend in vitro fertilization (IVF) in addition to other effective fertility treatments.

Discount fertility programs for the military

Because cost is an important consideration for fertility care for the military, we help patients determine what services their insurance covers. In addition, we support patients in utilizing various discount programs.

Compassionate Care. This fertility financing option provides military personnel with a minimum 25% discount on the self-pay price of medications, such as Gonal-f, Ovidrel and Cetrotide.

Compassionate Corps Program. This program offers certain fertility medications for free to eligible, uninsured veterans who are experiencing fertility issues due to a service-related injury.

Heart for Heroes Program. Eligible veterans and their spouses can receive select fertility products at no cost through this program.

The compassionate team at our Tennessee fertility center is here to provide high-quality care to the military, and help women and men take the next step towards parenthood. Contact us for more information about our fertility treatments or to schedule an appointment.


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