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Valentine’s Day and Infertility

Learn how to infuse the combination of Valentine’s day and infertility with love and fun

Learn how to infuse the combination of Valentine’s day and infertility with love and funTennessee fertility specialists at our clinic understand that Valentine’s day and infertility can be a difficult duo for those struggling to build a family. Some couples find it challenging to keep the spark alive while navigating fertility tests and treatments, and Valentine’s Day can be a reminder of that fizzling spark. However, there are simple strategies for using the day of love as an opportunity to reignite that spark and even have some fun.

How to keep the spark alive when navigating Valentine’s Day and infertility

Infertility can be an incredibly trying experience, and you and your partner deserve a day to forget your worries and focus only on your love. There are a variety of ways you can transform Valentine’s Day from just another day to a romantic day to remember.

Embrace. While a hug is a simple act, it can be one of the most comforting, loving gifts we can give another. Use Valentine’s Day as motivation to give your partner a long hug while envisioning your tension melting away. Then, keep the spark alive by repeating this act every day.

Treat yourself. Instead of having a standard date night, kick it up a notch by splurging on a luxury, such as massages or a dinner at an amazing restaurant.

Dream of your future. When you’re in the midst of fertility treatments, it can be easy to lose sight of many of your dreams. Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to set aside talk of infertility and daydream with your partner about all the amazing adventures you hope to have.  

Move your body. One of the surest ways to improve your mood and keep the spark alive is to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Going on a scenic walk or engaging in other physical activities can help ensure an enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

After experiencing a romantic, refreshing Valentine’s Day, you can keep the spark alive by continuing to make time for, and have fun with, your special someone.

Our clinic can help you take the next step on the path to parenthood

The Tennessee fertility specialists at our clinic provide quality support for those struggling to conceive. Through comprehensive fertility evaluations such as blood tests, ultrasound and semen analysis, we help patients receive the right diagnosis. From there, a doctor works with the patients to create a customized treatment plan that provides the best possible chance of developing a healthy pregnancy.

Often, seeking support from our Tennessee fertility specialists is a significant relief for those dreaming of parenthood, and makes the combination of Valentine’s Day and infertility a little easier.

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