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Building a Support System on Your Infertility Journey

Additional Encouragement Can Make Your Infertility Journey a Little Easier

Additional Encouragement Can Make Your Infertility Journey a Little EasierTrying to conceive without success can create isolation and despair. The team at our Nashville fertility practice knows that infertility takes a physical and emotional toll on our patients and their families. We want to ensure that you feel supported during this difficult infertility journey.

The emotional reality of an infertility journey

Fertility treatment often involves monitored cycles, hormonal manipulation with medication, and numerous doctor visits. For many patients who are trying to conceive, the infertility journey is also fraught with disappointments, roadblocks and much uncertainty. Although more than 6 million U.S. women deal with infertility, many of our patients feel totally alone. Getting additional support can alleviate some of this burden.

Cultivate emotional support while trying to conceive

While infertility treatment can tax your physical health, it’s important to also recognize the impact on mental health. Low self-esteem, feelings of incompetence, and depression are not uncommon on an infertility journey. Our fertility experts believe that building a support system while trying to conceive can provide a much-needed community.

  • Find a support group. Though you may feel like no one understands your situation, attending a support group, either online or in person, may present you with others who are experiencing similar struggles. Look at RESOLVE, a national infertility organization, for available options.
  • Consider a therapist. Sometimes, getting objective input can provide a fresh perspective. Check for providers that may specialize in coping with the pain and stress of infertility.
  • Lean on your partner. Remember that you are on this journey together. Even if it seems difficult, take time to communicate your thoughts and emotions with each other, which may ultimately strengthen your bond as a couple.
  • Nurture existing relationships. Resist the urge to isolate and pull away from friends and family. The people that love you want to help, so share openly and honestly what you need and how they can provide it.
  • Focus on spirituality. Faith is different for each person, but practices such as mediation, yoga, mindfulness and/or prayer can enable you to let the burdens of infertility go, even if just for a brief time.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Let our Nashville fertility practice team provide comfort and compassion as you travel through your infertility journey. Contact our office for helpful resources about trying to conceive or to schedule an appointment.


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