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Conceiving After Tubal Ligation

Learn more about conceiving after tubal ligation

Learn more about conceiving after tubal ligationWant to conceive after having your tubes tied? The doctors at our Tennessee fertility center often help women determine the best options for conceiving after tubal ligation. If a woman’s life circumstances or family planning preferences change after utilizing tubal ligation, there are ways we can help. In this situation, tubal reversal or in vitro fertilization (IVF) are the primary choices.

Conceiving after tubal ligation with tubal reversal

Women considering tubal reversal must regularly ovulate and have a partner with healthy sperm, or plan to use a sperm donor. To further confirm that a woman is a good candidate for tubal reversal, the doctor assesses her age, overall health, pregnancy and surgical history, and the type of tubal ligation she received.

There are two primary procedures that a fertility specialist can use for a tubal reversal.

Mini-laparotomy. This procedure involves the doctor making a small incision, removing the closed ends of the tubes and reconnecting the open portions. They then ensure the tubes are fully open before closing the incision.

Robotic-assisted laparoscopy. This option consists of the surgeon using a robot to remove the closed ends of the tubes and reconnect the open sections.

Typically, the specialists at our Tennessee fertility center recommend IVF over tubal reversal, as tubal reversal doesn’t always work. Additionally, insurance doesn’t typically cover tubal reversal.

Most doctors recommend IVF for women trying to become pregnant after tubal ligation

A prime benefit of IVF is that it bypasses the need for open fallopian tubes. It also often produces higher pregnancy rates than tubal reversal. During an IVF cycle, the doctor can retrieve the woman’s eggs from her ovaries after she takes medications that cause multiple eggs to grow.

An embryologist then fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the woman’s partner or a donor. Next, the doctor transfers the healthiest resulting embryo to the woman’s uterus. There, it can implant and grow into a baby.

To help a woman with conceiving after tubal ligation, a doctor at our Tennessee fertility center will review her medical history and order a series of tests. With this information, they’re then able to work with the woman to develop the best treatment plan for her. Contact us for more information about conceiving after tubal ligation.


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