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Learn how the upcoming Baby Steps 5K supports infertility awareness and hopeful parents

Learn how the upcoming Baby Steps 5K supports infertility awareness and hopeful parents

We are proud to announce that our Nashville fertility clinic has partnered with the infertility support group and nonprofit Sara’s Laughter for the upcoming Baby Steps 5K event. Baby Steps is a 5K walk and run that will take place on June 1 at Nashville’s Shelby Park to raise funds for Sara’s Laughter. It will also offer numerous fertility-focused door prices, including one free IVF cycle from Nashville Fertility Center.

How Baby Steps 5K helps

This altruistic community event promotes awareness of infertility and awards amazing assistance to those struggling on the journey to parenthood.

  • Grants and vouchers. Since 2014, Sarah’s Laughter and generous sponsors have given away 25 IVF cycles and numerous IUI procedures. In addition, Baby Steps 5K has supported the distribution of $99,500 in grants and vouchers to hopeful parents.
  • Miracle babies. As of December 2018, the giveaways at this event have resulted in the birth or adoption of seven miracle babies, with three more on the way.
  • Additional offerings. Much of the money raised at this event supports the important work of Sarah’s Laughter. This supports in-person and online faith-based infertility support groups, memorial services to honor the lives of stillborn and miscarried babies, infant bereavement materials, one-on-one counseling, and other valuable offerings. All services are provided free of charge.

The team at our Nashville fertility clinic is honored to be part of the 2019 Baby Steps 5K and help hopeful parents take the next step on their path to parenthood.

Additional Giveaways

In addition to the one free IVF cycle at our Nashville fertility clinic, the 750 to 1,250 attendees expected at this year’s Baby Steps 5K will also have the chance to win one of the other life-changing giveaways.

  • $10,000 Family Building Grant from Sarah’s Laughter. This grant can be used for fertility treatment at any SART-listed fertility clinic, or towards adoption costs.
  • $5,000 Family Building Grant from Love Multiplies. This grant can also be used for fertility treatments at SART-listed fertility clinics, or towards adoption costs.

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