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Lifestyle Causes of Infertility

Explore the common lifestyle causes of infertility and learn what to do about them

The team at our Tennessee fertility center works hard to educate patients about the common lifestyle causes of infertility. These lifestyle factors can influence aspects of fertility like egg quality, sperm health and hormones. To help patients determine if lifestyle factors are influencing their ability to conceive, doctors at our clinic order fertility tests.

After reviewing the test results, our doctors can recommend lifestyle changes and fertility treatments to help patients fulfill the dream of parenthood.

Discover the lifestyle causes of infertility

Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, alcohol and drug use, diet and exercise, can limit a person’s reproductive potential. One of the most important steps in bypassing these issues is first understanding how they impact fertility.

Smoking cigarettes. Smoking can significantly affect male and female infertility. It can also cause an increased risk of miscarriage, low birth weight and pre-term delivery. According to ASRM, smokers must often attempt twice as many IVF cycles as nonsmokers to conceive.

Alcohol and recreational drugs. Heavy alcohol or drug use can disrupt reproductive hormones, interfere with healthy ovulation and negatively impact sperm health.

Caffeine. Ingesting more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day could harm egg quality and quantity. It may also increase the risk of miscarriage, preterm delivery and low birth weight.

Sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can damage the fallopian tubes, which can result in blockages. These blockages could prevent sperm from reaching the egg and keep a fertilized egg from reaching the uterus.

Body weight. Having a body mass index (BMI) that’s too low or high can impact ovulation.

Women and men can reverse lifestyle causes of infertility by making lifestyle changes. The doctors at our Tennessee fertility center can help patients identify the lifestyle changes that would be most beneficial.

Helpful lifestyle changes can promote fertility health

A variety of lifestyle choices can improve a person’s fertility. These choices could improve ovulation and sperm production.

Smoking cessation. Women and men should stop smoking at least two months before trying to become pregnant.

Take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Women wanting to conceive should take a prenatal vitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid. This vitamin prepares the body for pregnancy.

Abstain from potentially harmful substances. Cutting out alcohol and recreational drugs and limiting caffeine consumption to less than 200 milligrams a day can support fertility.

Receive treatment for STDs. Receiving prompt treatment for chlamydia or gonorrhea can help ensure these STDs don’t negatively affect a person’s fertility.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Women and men can reach a healthy weight by adopting a balanced diet. A healthy diet is high in protein, fruits, vegetables and grains and low in sugar and fried foods. Engaging in moderate exercise at least five days a week can also support weight control.

If people are still struggling to build a healthy family after making lifestyle changes to promote fertility, our Tennessee fertility center can offer support. Through comprehensive fertility evaluations and treatments, we can help patients become parents. Contact us for more information about lifestyle causes of infertility.

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