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Fertility Timeline

Why it’s crucial to know your fertility timeline

Specialists at our Nashville fertility clinic want to help you know your fertility timeline so that you can make informed decisions about family planning. Unfortunately, many women wait too long to consider this timeline and are faced with fertility challenges that could have been avoided if they had acted sooner. With our support, you can discover the best time to start your family, and steps you can take to preserve your fertility.

How to know your fertility timeline

The first step to take when trying to know your fertility timeline is having your fertility health evaluation, regardless of your age. Our Nashville fertility clinic doctors feel that this evaluation is just as important as other common check-ups women receive throughout the years.

  • Blood test. Understanding your fertility involves a blood test that will evaluate your hormone levels and reveal the health of your ovarian reserve.
  • Ultrasound. An ultrasound will help us determine the health of your ovaries and whether any uterine abnormalities are present.
  • Have your partner tested. If you have a partner who you would eventually like to have children with, they should also undergo a fertility evaluation.

After we receive the results of your evaluations, one of our skilled fertility doctors can help you understand the findings and create an effective plan moving forward.

What to do after discovering your fertility health

As our fertility specialists help you understand your fertility timeline, there are various options they might recommend, depending on the results of your tests.

  • Egg freezing. Women under 35 who find they have a diminished ovarian reserve should consider freezing their eggs if they’re not yet ready to begin their family. However, egg freezing is not just an option for women with fertility challenges. It is a wonderful way for any young woman to preserve her fertility.
  • Embryo freezing. Women in a relationship with the person they would like to have children with someday can have embryos frozen for future use.
  • IUI. If you are of advanced maternal age and getting to know your fertility timeline uncovers certain fertility challenges, you might decide to try conceiving as soon as possible by utilizing intrauterine insemination (IUI).
  • IVF. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is another common option for women who find out their fertility health is diminished. IVF is a comprehensive and very effective fertility treatment.

The compassionate and knowledgeable team at our Nashville fertility clinic is here to support you in making the best choices regarding your fertility health and family planning.

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