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The Ovarian Assessment Report

The Ovarian Assessment Report™, or OAR, can help assess your egg supply

Our Nashville fertility specialists use the Ovarian Assessment Report from ReproSource® to determine your Egg Retrieval Score™, or ERS. The ERS can provide important information that allows you to take control of your fertility.

The Ovarian Assessment Report predicts egg supply and response to ovarian stimulation

Information for the OAR is gathered on the third day of your menstrual cycle with a simple blood test. The blood sample is sent to a leading-edge ReproSource reference lab for analysis. The Ovarian Assessment Report combines various factors to determine your ERS.

The comprehensive nature of the OAR provides more predictive power than AMH or FSH testing alone, and helps our Nashville fertility specialists identify hopeful parents who may respond poorly to ovarian stimulation.

Understanding the ERS score

The ERS score predicts if your egg supply is reduced, fair, good or excellent. The score ranges from one to 20 and gives our Nashville fertility specialists information about your egg supply.

  • Excellent. ERS score of 16 to 20
  • Good. ERS score of 11 to 15
  • Fair. ERS score of six to 10
  • Reduced. ERS score of one to five

If the Ovarian Assessment Report indicates that you have a reduced egg supply, it does not mean that you can‘t become pregnant, but it might make you a candidate for IVF or donor eggs. Our Nashville fertility specialists can help you understand the results of your OAR and make a plan for moving forward.

Who should consider the Ovarian Assessment Report?

While all women can benefit from having a better understanding of their ovarian reserve, the OAR can be especially beneficial for women with polycystic ovary syndrome or premature ovarian failure, in addition to women who would like to postpone motherhood and need help deciding whether they should undergo egg freezing. Women who have been unable to conceive for 12 months, or six months if they’re over the age of 35, can also benefit from the OAR.

Our Nashville fertility specialists can help you decide if the OAR is right for you.

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