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Egg Donation Recipient Screening Process

Egg Donation Screening Process for the Recipient or Couple

Couples facing infertility may choose third party reproduction, also known as egg donation. This section covers the egg donation screening process that  is involved for the recipient with an egg donation cycle.

Initial consultation with physician:

At the initial consultation all aspects of egg donation will be discussed with you and your partner. If you have not been seen in our office before, you will need to send us your medical records in advance.

Informational Counseling:

All of our patients using an egg donor, sperm donor or gestational carrier are referred for informational counseling. This is to help you address the emotional, ethical and psychological issues related to using a third party for reproduction. You will receive counseling regarding disclosure as well.

Physical Exam:

If you are 40 years old or older, a physical exam performed by your internist or family doctor is necessary to ensure your good general health. This should include tests to rule out diabetes and heart disease including an EKG.  Further medical evaluation may be recommended by your NFC physician.

Screening Bloodwork:

Recipient: OB Panel (CBC, Blood type/Rh, rubella titer, RPR, Hepatitis BsAg, Hep B Core Ab, Hepatitis C Ab, HIV I&II, GC/Chlamydia, and CMV IgG&IgM.
Partner: Blood type/Rh, HIV I&II, RPR, Hepatitis BsAg, Hep B Core Ab, and Hep C Ab

Semen Analysis:

To be scheduled by the male partner 6 months to 4 weeks prior to the initiation of the treatment cycle (or as recommended by your physician)

Uterine Evaluation:

Hysterosalpingogram or Saline Infusion Sonogram as recommended by your physician.

Consultation with IVF Nurse Coordinator:

Prior to the treatment cycle, a consultation will need to be scheduled with an IVF nurse. The nurse will show you available donor profiles and answer questions you may have about the donors.

You will receive complete instructions regarding your individual treatment protocols and medications. Instructions will also be given concerning Lupron, estrogen and progesterone injections for the patient or for the person who has agreed to give necessary injections. If you are using frozen donor eggs, you will need to meet with Amy Jones to discuss the process further. Specifically, she will review the thawing process and answer questions you may have about the ICED consent form. After meeting with Amy, you may reserve the frozen eggs of your choice.


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