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Types of Sperm Donors

Types of Sperm Donor

Known Sperm Donors

If the sperm donor is known to the couple, all three parties must undergo counseling together and separately in order to clarify their relationships to each other, how involved the sperm donor will be in the child’s life, and what the long-term implications may be for the child. In addition, there must be a legal contract between the 3 parties specifying custody of any resulting children. The known donor will be screened as a sperm donor according to ASRM guidelines, which involves a 6 month quarantine of the frozen semen samples and blood testing of the known donor.

Anonymous Sperm Donor Selection

The Donor Selection Worksheet allows close matching of the donor(s) with characteristics of the couple. These include: race, ethnic origin, blood type, height, weight, body build, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and hair texture. Three donors are chosen by the couple from the cryobank’s donor selection lists and prioritized 1 through 3 thus allowing alternative donor choices if a donor becomes unavailable. Please see the instructions for ordering donor sperm for more information.

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