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Select an Egg Donor

Discover helpful tips on how to select an egg donor who meets your requirements

Understanding how to select an egg donor is an important part of the path to parenthood for patients at our Tennessee fertility center who are using donor eggs. Preparing for a pregnancy through egg donation involves thoughtful conversations, certain tests, review of donor profiles and other important steps. We understand how important the egg donor selection process is and support patients through each phase of this life-changing fertility treatment.

How patients can prepare for the selection of their ideal donor

Before patients begin reviewing donor candidates during the egg donor selection process, there are various things they can do to simplify the experience and increase the chance that they feel good about their eventual decision.

Discussing desired donor characteristics with a partner. For patients building a family with a partner, brainstorming the qualities they want in a donor can help them narrow down options when it’s time to begin the search.

Determining what qualities are essential. After creating a list of desired donor qualities, it’s helpful for patients to determine the qualities that are non-negotiable, and those they might be willing to relinquish.

Developing reasonable expectations. Patients are more likely to have a positive donor selection experience if they go into it with an open mind, understanding that they might be drawn to a donor who doesn’t have all of the qualities on their list.

Thoughtful preparation for the egg donor selection process often results in patients at our Tennessee fertility center finding a donor they’re excited about.

We guide patients through all the steps when it’s time to select an egg donor

Our Tennessee fertility center is by our patients’ side for each step of the egg donor selection process. We understand how important this decision is and want to make it as simple as possible.

Screening for intended parents. An ultrasound is an essential aspect of the donor egg process for a hopeful mother, as it allows the doctor to confirm the health of her uterus.  The male partner or sperm donor receives a semen analysis, so the doctor can evaluate the quality of his sperm. The man also undergoes preconception genetic testing to determine if he’s a carrier for any inheritable genetic conditions.

Meeting with a donor coordinator. The patients meet with our donor egg coordinator to receive an overview of the egg donation process and share the traits they’d like in their donor. Next, the coordinator works with the patients to find donors in our donor database who could be a good fit.

Reading donor profiles. When patients have an interest in a particular donor, they can review her profile to learn more about her appearance, health history, ethnic background, personality, talents, education and more.

Confirming the match. After the patients select an egg donor, we support them in navigating the financial and legal requirements of IVF with donor eggs.

When the patients complete the egg donor selection process, our Tennessee fertility clinic works with the donor and patients to create a timeline for their IVF cycle.

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