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Egg Donation

What you need to know about egg donation

The team at our Tennessee fertility center often helps women and men use egg donation to welcome a healthy baby. This type of fertility treatment has become so popular that there are thousands of donor egg cycles each year in the United States. For women and couples navigating fertility challenges, as well as gay couples and single men, an egg donor often provides the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Learn more about egg donation

Our Tennessee fertility center team may recommend egg donation for a variety of reasons.

  • Gay couples and single men. Due to a lack of ovaries, male couples and single men will require donor eggs and a gestational surrogate to have a baby. We can help them find their ideal donor.
  • Advanced maternal age. A woman’s eggs decrease in quality and quantity as she ages. For women with diminished ovarian reserve, an egg donor might be the best chance of developing a healthy pregnancy. Our doctors can detect a diminished ovarian reserve with an ultrasound and a blood test.
  • Repeated miscarriages or failed IVF cycles. If a woman has experienced two or more miscarriages, or repeated IVF failure, this might indicate that she’s a good candidate for donor eggs.
  • Inheritable genetic condition. Genetic screening might reveal an inheritable condition the mother could pass to the child. In this case, the parents may want to consider donor eggs.

If testing or other factors reveal that you need donor eggs, our caring and experienced team can guide you through the process of donor selection.

The next steps after choosing to utilize donor eggs

After deciding to use donor eggs, we help you determine the most efficient and effective path through this exciting process.

  • Login credentials. To gain access to the donor database, you will fill out an easy form that provides login credentials.
  • Browse donors. After receiving the login details, you can view our donors’ photos and information about their education, health, personality, interests and more. Our team has thoroughly screened all our donors for physical, psychological and genetic health.
  • Donor cycle. Once you select an egg donor, one of our Tennessee fertility center doctors will work with you on the next steps for egg donation. At this time, our team will make a detailed plan for the donor cycle, including the egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer.

We understand that the needs of each patient requiring donor eggs are unique. As such, our team works to create customized treatment plans that help people build their family. Contact us to learn more about conceiving using donor eggs.

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