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Gestational Carrier Selection

Learn more about how to move forward with gestational carrier selection

When patients at our Tennessee fertility center require a surrogate, we support them through each step of gestational carrier selection. Gestational surrogates are generous, healthy women willing to carry the pregnancy of patients using IVF, or in vitro fertilization. While our fertility center has an in-house egg donor program, we refer patients to reputable surrogacy agencies for surrogate selection.

Tips to simplify the gestational carrier selection process

Our clinic helps intended parents verify the physical and mental health of surrogates, and supports intended parents as they are seeking a surrogate they feel is the right fit. To do this, intended parents will review the profiles of numerous surrogate candidates. There are various ways to make this process as seamless as possible.

Discuss surrogate qualities with your partner. For intended parents who have a partner, it’s important to work together to create a list of the qualities you’d both like in your surrogate.

Assess the surrogate’s values. Intended parents can increase their chance of having a positive surrogacy experience by selecting someone who shares their values and beliefs. For example, intended parents in a same-sex relationship would likely want to select a surrogate who is supportive of LGTBQ+ family building.

Practice patience. While it’s natural to want to quickly select a surrogate, taking your time can increase the chance that you select a surrogate who meets your unique preferences.

As intended parents explore surrogate options, the surrogacy agency, in addition to our Tennessee fertility center, can support them in learning more about various surrogates and assessing if they would be a good match.

Screening requirements following the selection of a surrogate candidate

After intended parents find a surrogate they’re interested in, our clinic supports them and their surrogate candidate in navigating next steps. This process helps confirm that the surrogate is willing and able to fulfill the requirements of surrogacy.

Physical evaluation. One of the first steps of gestational carrier selection screening is a physical evaluation of the surrogate by one of the doctors at our Tennessee fertility center.

Psychological evaluation. We require both the surrogate candidate and intended parents to meet with a counselor to review the psychological aspects of gestational surrogacy. Our clinic can provide a list of approved counselors.

Legal requirements. After fertility and psychological specialists confirm the surrogate’s physical and mental health, the surrogate will complete a contract between herself and the intended parents, with the support of an attorney.

Egg donor selection. Intended parents requiring an egg donor will begin the egg donor selection process around the time of surrogate selection.

IVF class. Following the approval of the surrogate, the intended parents will take an IVF class to prepare them for the surrogacy process.

Consult with our IVF nurse coordinator. The surrogate will meet with our IVF nurse coordinator to review next steps.

With the expert support of our clinic, intended parents can ensure they select a surrogate who provides the best possible chance of fulfilling their dream of taking home a beloved baby.

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