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Gestational Carrier Selection

Gestational Carrier Selection at Nashville Fertility Center

There are gestational carrier recruiting agencies throughout the United States that can help connect couples with potential carriers, and we encourage our patients to do some research for agencies that recruit, screen, and help match carriers with recipient couples.

Although we have an anonymous egg donor program, we do not have a gestational carrier recruiting program here at Nashville Fertility Center.

Once the couple (intended parents) selects a candidate, the carrier must be evaluated by one of our Nashville Fertility Center physicians to determine if she is suitable to carry for the couple. We also require the carrier candidate and the recipient couple meet with a counselor to review the psychological aspects of gestational surrogacy. Your nurse will provide you with the names of approved counselors in Nashville.

Couples and their potential gestational carrier should meet with their counselor around the same time the carrier candidate is evaluated by one of our Nashville Fertility Center physicians. It is up to the couple which of these is done first. The costs of the medical care related to the carrier’s evaluation and her care throughout the IVF cycle and pregnancy are the responsibility of the intended parents.

Nashville Fertility Center requires a legal contract between the intended parents and gestational carrier to be in place before starting the IVF cycle. We suggest contacting an attorney who specializes in gestational carrier/adoption law to develop a legal contract.

Lisa Collins is an attorney in Nashville who is experienced in developing legal contracts supporting third party reproduction.

For legal reasons associated to Tennessee State law, please be aware that Nashville Fertility Center does not allow utilization of a “traditional surrogate”.  This means that the egg donor and the carrier may not be the same person.

If the couple requires the use of an egg donor, they may select a donor from our anonymous egg donor program who will cycle with their gestational carrier. If a frozen egg donor is selected, the cycle may proceed at the convenience of the intended parents and the gestational carrier.

Once the couple and the carrier have met with and been approved to cycle by one of our Nashville Fertility Center physicians and the psychologist, the intended parents can schedule the IVF class which is designed to prepare couples for the IVF process. After that, an individual consult will be scheduled with our IVF nurse coordinator to prepare the gestational carrier for the IVF cycle as well. If the intended parents are using an egg donor, they do not attend IVF class, but rather have an individual consult with their IVF nurse coordinator.

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