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IVF with Donor Eggs

IVF with donor eggs is an effective treatment that can result in a healthy pregnancy

IVF with donor eggs is an incredibly effective treatment that the doctors at our Tennessee fertility center recommend to women with certain fertility challenges. Single men and same-sex male couples will also need to use IVF and egg donation when working with a gestational surrogate.

We connect patients with high-quality and carefully screened egg donors from our in-house program. We also offer guidance as the patient moves through donor selection, the egg donation process and the resulting IVF cycle.

Who needs IVF with donor eggs?

In addition to men building their family with help from a gestational surrogate, many women also require donor eggs to conceive. There are many reasons why a woman might need to consider egg donation.

To determine whether a woman is a good candidate for IVF with donor eggs, one of our Tennessee fertility center doctors will carefully review her medical history. Her doctor will also recommend tests that can provide more information about her fertility.

What happens after deciding to use an egg donor?

When a patient decides to use donor eggs, we guide him or her through the next steps. These steps help ensure that the patient finds his or her ideal egg donor.

Gain access to high-quality donors. Before patients begin browsing the donors in our database, we like to remind them that all the donors have undergone comprehensive medical, genetic and psychological evaluations. We also ensure that every donor fully understands the commitment of egg donation. Only the highest quality donors end up in our program.

Find the ideal donor. As women and men search for an egg donor, they’re able to review the donors’ photos and gain access to details about their education, ethnicity, interests, personality, health and more.

Begin the egg donation cycle. After the patient selects an egg donor, we work with him or her to create a schedule for the donor cycle. We also explain when and how an embryologist will fertilize the eggs with the sperm of the male patient or a sperm donor. In addition, we support patients in deciding whether they want to have a fresh or frozen embryo transfer.

The team at our Tennessee fertility center stands by the patient’s side for each phase of this exciting process. With our support, patients can fulfill their dream of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us to learn more about building a family using IVF with donor eggs.

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